PHP and Drupal development

Ethereum PHP Library and Drupal module

Speaking at Drupal Open Camp NYC
I worked at ConsenSys, a large Ethereum blockchain startup studio, for 2 years on various Enterprise projects and developed an open source Ethereum PHP library and Drupal Ethereum Module that was presented at DrupalCon and DrupalEurope.

A WordPress Site Refresh

For the Heggelbach Farming Collective

Screenshots Heggelbach 2019 Webseite
In collaboration with Heggelbach Farming Collective I helped with their website refresh of a 10 year old website using WordPress’s new Gutenberg Editor and a customized theme.

Drupal 8 Theme

Guru Theme for styleguide driven development

Drupal 8 style guide driven Guru Theme

Guru is a Drupal 8 base theme with kss styleguide.
Based on a high performance gulp workflow Guru is a base-theme workflow to enable in browser style guide driven and mobile first theme development.

Responsive Webdesign

Drupal tools, techniques and best practices

Thorsten Krug's session Drupalcamp Berlin 2014.
Working with a great team at Data in Transit we relaunched the website of the University Bonn Rhein Sieg ( At Drupalcamp Berlin 2014 my colleague Antje Gellweiler and me shared our experience of creating a responsive UI for about 40,000 Drupal pages.

Motorcaravan Company

Screenshot of the site

My oldest project - the site for my parents' motor-home company - didn't survive the financial crisis and is offline now. We were one of the first in the branch in Germany using the internet. Since 1998 we were creating links and google rank for the website with an integrated sales-database.

Database PHP project

A database for media cables was one of my early projects during study times. It is realised in php/html and provides restricted access for different user roles. Today I would realise the same project with a Drupal installation, which is more flexible and much easier to extend.