Drupal Ethereum Module and Ethereum PHP Library

Speaking at Drupal Open Camp NYC

Within my engagement at Consensys I had the great opportunity to experience to work for a Brooklyn based Ethereum startup. Not only could I anticipate the company growing from about 80 people up to 1300. Besides being a member of the team which set the base for ConsenSys Dubai I could also spend a lot of my time on Open Source software resulting in various projects connecting Ethereum and PHP/Drupal. 

Wordpress ... 10 years after

Screenshots Heggelbach 2019 Webseite

Finally I've found the time to update the more than10 year old Webseite of my sisters Farm community. Honestly I was astonished how easy things migrate and what amazing progress Wordpress since I last time touched it. The new Gutenberg Editor provides a great editorial experience and can be implemented in modern designs while maintaining the budget.