A WordPress Site Refresh

For the Heggelbach Farming Collective

Screenshots Heggelbach 2019 Webseite
In collaboration with Heggelbach Farming Collective I helped with their website refresh of a 10 year old website using WordPress’s new Gutenberg Editor and a customized theme.

Redesign: heilen-durch-beruehrung.com

Screensot von der Seite heilen-durch-berührung.com

Redesign of a Dreamweaver-HTML site into a modern standard compliant Wordpress based Website.

Wordpress Workshop

WordPress for Small Bussiness Websites

Using Wordpress for small business Websites

In Ukraine I was invited to give a lecture at the Department of Media and Communications at Karazin's Kharkiv National University. My main focus was to tell the students about free software. For a practical approach I chose the subject "How to create small business websites with WordPress". I got my first Russian language "Diploma" for this volunteer lessons.

German photo magazine - foto.5lux.de

German online Photo Magazine

This WordPress based website is an online counterpart to a classical amateur photo magazine. It was started as a co-production with my diploma master Ulrike Häßler. I take care of the website as an admin and occasionally write articles about photo-technics, lenses and travel photography.

Documentary movie project page

International Documentary about uranium mining

A German film team asked for a bilingual website to first organize and later promote their filmproject about uranium mining in Australia. We kept it simple and used WordPress with a multilanguage plugin and some forums only with internal access.

Wordpress Gallery2

My Travelblog digitaldonkey.de

My personal Weblog

On my personal weblog, I write about my travelling for friends and family. I integrated the open source application Gallery2 with a WordPress weblog to be able to upload images automatically, create slideshows and use the images in my blog posts.

Wordpress Musicians website

A musician's home

A Musicas Homepage

"Chris-boom-bang the one man gang" is a small WordPress site with simple layout for a musician from Berlin. He can simply add his own audio-files and keep his stage news up to date. As a second project, that musician works as a DJ. I integrated two domains with a single back-end for easy use. Including audio-player, booking contact form and a modern layout.

Traveller's blog

A Travellers Blog

A simple weblog made for a friend to put images and videos to report about his travels. The main purpose of this low-budget WordPress blog was teaching him how to use a computer, post in WordPress and use YouTube to post videos.

Orphanage Project's Weblog

 Orphanage Project's Weblog

A weblog about a development cooperation project in Orissa, India. While staying in the orphanage in India's remote areas, it was very hard to get good internet access. Therefor we decided to enable posting latest news by email.

Wordpress Website


Party project Website: the funky driv'in Beatgarage

Another little WordPress site about a forgotten party project. Main purpose was to post old prints and some party images.