Ethereum Blockchain-based voting Drupal

Voting for NGOs on Ethereum Blockchain using Drupal

Some of these NGOs are responsible to their members and looking forward to implement trusted workflows where their members can perform tasks like voting for boards, donations or on found spending. Using Ethereum Blockchain in the “semi-decentralized age” combined with Drupal I see a great potential implementing such workflows.

EthTweetUi - a web client for EthTweet

One friend recently asked me if I can help him in Building a Web interface for his Blockchain based EthTweet system.

The Ethereum blockchain seems to be a promissing approach for futur decentralized webapplications. The Ethereum-Blockchain is a simmilar to the Bitcoin currency but includes the ability to include code – or in this case Tweets.

Browser wars revisited: The new rules for favicon Icons

Favicons are a big thing again, as every mobile browser reinvents the wheel and in it's own genious and individual way. Try to solve the favicon-quiz on You will have fun. 

The easiest way is to use a favicon generator like and check the result using a favicon checker.

Migrate Salling Media Sync including License

Actually renewing the Licens fail, because the Licence server has gone offline. But finally i found a way to migrate it and keep it working as before.